Apart from the obvious reasons for doing a "Fan"-Site, it was - and is - my playing ground. Something, I can do at leisure. When I have the time. My job is demanding, and as much as I love what I do for a living, it is as with any other occupation: I have to function most of the time. provides me with a cherished counterbalance. I love it to play with words and pictures. And what better way to do that than with a website for an actor? My slowly growing skills as a website-creator enabled me, to bring to life my visions, often colourful, and the pages usually coming out a little bit bigger than life!

In modern Germany, a lot of the films and TV-series we see, are from the USA, sometimes from the UK. So, like many of my cohorts, I grew up with these tales from far away countries, with actors with strange names. Mostly, these films are dubbed. But (of course) one is still aware, that the Original language is just not your own. This heightens the sense of unrealness, when watching them. In truth, it is a fairy-tale-like quality about them. Perhaps that is the reason that is just in the style that it is? And perhaps, this is one reason, why I did this website about an actor situated in Great-Britain and so securely away from my part of the world - not only in terms of language and occupation but also geographically? I certainly adore his ability to create all these different characters in his many films. None is like the other, but all are that - deeply human. I don't know how it is with others, but I do remember details from all of his roles. It's fascinating, to read about Sean Bean's own thoughts about the characters he plays. I liked this so much, that I began to place a quotation from the man himself on every new page I did. Today, it is as much fun for me, to discover details about new - or possible new - roles as to find out, what he thinks about these roles. Thankfully, I am moving not alone in the wide world, that provide us with immense quantities of information every day. There are these dedicated Fans, who are nice enough to share what they have found, and I am especially thankful to the friendly people, who send me an extra e-mail with much appreciated news.

When I realised a couple of years ago, how much had grown, and how unmanageable some parts had become, I decided that it was time for a new department - the "News and this and that"-section. This page developed into the most frequented one. And still, it was "German only".

This is changing now. Why? There are already great English Websites for Sean Bean on the internet. The greatest of them all is Winona Kents "Compleat Sean Bean". Which is ending its active "life" (but it will stay online). Winona has until now faithfully written and reported about Sean Beans career. If you want to see, what films, for cinema or TV, he has done - you go to the "Compleat". Nonas Lists list everyone of them - until now... But what will happen from now on? I just couldn't bear the thought, that the immense work, that Winona had done here, would go into "Un-Compleat"-mode. So, with her friendly permission, I will from now on carry on with these Lists.

So, within the 7th year of it's existence, goes finally English. And I can't help it, I feel more as if I have to apologize to Sean Bean, to bring one more Website about him into the World (Wide Web). But I promise, to do this as I do the German one - without much ado, from far away, and as something that I simply enjoy doing - and enjoy sharing with others...

rg/13. April 2009

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