Question rg: ...And, when you had to do these fighting scenes, falling in the dust and the dirt, were you allowed to use this natural material, or no, did you need again the make-up artists, to make you artificially dusty and dirty?

Answer Jason Salkey: "We did use artifical dirt, but if we got mud or dirt on our hands or faces then no worries. Blood had to be reapplied to make it look fresh. And of course if too much dirt got on Seans face they would have to clean him up."





from: rgs "Correspondence with Rifleman Harris"05. Maerz 2005 between Jason Salkey and rg. Special thanks to Herr Salkey for answering some strange questions of mine :-) rg/01.02.2006


Jason Salkey and the Harris Video Diaries


"A diary or journal is a book for writing discrete entries arranged by date."



Jason Salkey played from 1992 to 1997 in the extremely successful british TV-Series "Sharpe" the common Rifleman Harris. A first name was never revealed! When Jason Salkey came back to the filming of the third series in 1995, he had a Video Camera in his luggage and from then on filmed behind the scenes his own, very personal documentary about the real world of filming.

  Video - from the latin for I see
  "Video is the technology of capturing, recording, processing, transmitting, and reconstructing moving pictures, typically using celluloid film, electronic signals, or digital media"
  Harris No. 1 Covers the filming of "Sharpes Gold".  


"In general terms, documentation is any communicable material (such as text, video, audio, etc., or combinations thereof) used to explain some attributes of an object, system or procedure" Wikipedia


End of Sharpes Gold, beginning of Sharpes Battle
Harris No. 2


Usually, you can tell if a Filmmaker is doing a film for the sake of itself, or if he has somewhere a message, an ache, an urgent reason to do it. - rg


  Harris No. 3 Sharpes Battle - Memorial for a Chosen Man  


"Die Inszenierung eines Regisseurs stellt ein eigenständiges künstlerisches Werk dar" -
The Work of a Director represents an independent work of art


Sharpes Sword - Rifleman Harris shows his love for books
Harris No. 4


"I can read Sir" - Rifleman Harris /


  Harris No. 5 Sharpes Regiment and a terrible accident  

Attention! Visiting Jason Salkey - 02.2007

Report here
Sharpes Mission, a favorite episode of Rifleman Harris
Harris No. 6
  Interview - part 1
Interview - part 2
Funny, thoughtful, honest - Jason Salkey in Interview with rg! - 2007/2008  
  Harris No. 7 The filming goes on, , now in Turkey - Sharpes Siege is in the making  

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