"...While we were no strangers to physical pain those of uns further down the ranks were suffering pain of a different sort: You've heard about the many moans about how little dialogue was written for us or how the Chosen Men are often in a scene just a fill in the background.

Not content with relegating us to mere wallflowers we also felt slightly taken for granted. Us regulars were there ever present.

Hardened veterans of the Sharpe carnival without the need to be niced up to (?)..."
Jason Salkey on the Set of /Sharpes Battle





"Rifleman Harris Video Diary No 3" - Film, 2003-- rg/7. Juni 2006



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Harris No 3

(about Sharpe's Battle)

Die Scharfschützen - Die Wolfsjagd

Richard Sharpe, Major - Sean Bean
Patrick Harper, Sergeant - Daragh O'Malley
Rifleman Harris - Jason Salkey
Rifleman Hagman - John Tams
Rifleman Perkins - Lyndon Davis
Rifleman Cooper - Michael Mears
Rifleman "Tongue" - Paul Trussell






The creative process, what is it exactly?

What drives a man to pick up his camera and starts taking pictures, and pictures and pictures? Jason Salkey must have had a reason, that did go beyond the obvious. He is not tiring but on the contrary: When his videocamera meets with a fatal accident, he finds it most important, to get a new one.

Luckily for us, he succeeds in this, and the new camera is even better then the old one.

In the 3. Video Diary, a prominent part plays the leave-taking of Lyndon Davis, who plays Rifleman Perkins, by far the youngest of the bunch. He is about 16 years old. A mere child.

Ben Perkins will be killed in this Sharpe Episode, and from what you can see in the Diary, the corresponding "Abschied" from the actor, who would than leave the Sharpe Set forever, seems to have had as much an impact on his actor collegues, as his film death has on his Riflemen comrades.

Actually, beneath Jason Salkeys usual slightly ironic tone you can sense here an undertone of sadness, well hidden, because our time is one of coolness and we aren't touched easily, aren't we?


The Harris Diaries:

Harris No 1 - covers the filming of Sharpes Gold

Harris No 2 - End of Sharpes Gold, beginning of Sharpes Battle

Harris No 3 - Sharpes Battle - Memorial for a Chosen Man

Harris No 4 - Sharpes Sword - Rifleman Harris shows his love for books

Harris No 5 - Sharpes Regiment

Harris No 6 - Sharpes Mission

Harris No 7 - Sharpes Siege

Visiting Jason Salkey - A Report

(more to come!)

That brings me back to the reasons of Jason Salkeys filmmaking - or filmmaking in General. Isn't there something we should see? A story behind the story to be told? A view to be shared?

With Sharpe, there will always be the films, these images will never be forgotten. But what about the common day-to-day braveness of the actors and workers on the set? The whole shadowy world behind the cameras? Who will ever tell their story?

Due to the hardships of the filming, that mirrors eerily what happens onscreen, it seems adequte, that with J. S. there is a gifted teller of the story behind the story.

And Jason Salkey is, what you find not often: An honest man. And so we get an honest work. This seems especially evident here with this Episode.


I have no idea, how this works. Sharpes Battle tells its story straight, direct and with a hurtful openness. Is it a coincidence, that Salkeys account "offscreen" is as brutally direct?

It is this: You consume a film, and for 1,5 hours, you are carried away into another world. You live the lifes of other people, you bear even the deaths of some of them. But after these 90 minutes? The afterlife of a film is short. You might have cried and been as unhappy as the film figures, but in the end? You do remember then, that it was all just make believe, no real death, no real loss, and all was only play, in the end the actors stand up and go their ways.

One never thinks about what it means in reality for the actors. Jason Salkey now, he won't let us leave like that. What it really means? After three years of doing this together, the film family looses one its members. Forever. No more jokes with Lyndon Davis, no more partying, its over, done, with this last big farewell party Lyndon leaves. Last pictures are taken, and then he is away...

So, that's it more or less. After the final shots here the film crew will leave the Ukraine, and will go to Portugal and Turkey. But that is then another story, and another Harris Diary.


How to get the Harris Diaries?

Can best be ordered directly from Jason Salkey as Video or DVD from his website www.riflemanharris.co.uk

Jason Salkey put a lot of work and effort into these self-productions, so please, only buy directly from him. He is commenting in all the Diaries with his clear and good understandable "Rifleman Harris" voice.

Actual offer here


Background-Picture and Picture 1: Screencapture from "Harris Diary No 3" from: www.southessex.co.uk, used with friendly permission from Jason Salkey


  rg/7. Juni 2006
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