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...Yes. I was there. It just was one of these things... I actually wanted to make a short visit to London in March, and due to this and that (call it coincidence, fate, whatever) I suspended the actual booking of flights and hotel from day to day, and so in the end, when becoming aware of this special screening (open to the public), I did finally know, why fate had wanted to me to just wait ... wait that other day! ;-)


The Special Screening was announced as the international version, one film of 101 minutes.

It was said, that this was the first ever showing of "Sharpe's Challenge". Nobody had seen it so far, with exception of Director and Editor (of course).

Before The Event, I went together with my Travel Companion Evi into Green Park, and we admired the hundreds and hundreds of daffodils, that are planted in the grass. Since we have had a very hard winter in Bayern, that had just come to an end very shortly before we started our trip, I can't say how very lovely it was, to bathe the eyes in the healthy greens of the grasses, following the yellow paths of the daffodils or marvel over the first leaves and blossoms on bushes and trees. Nature is perhaps ten days ahead here, and after leaving Bayern with its brown and dirty areas, broken trees and muddy paths, it was like coming into a fairy tale land....

Sharpe's Challenge
Special BAFTA Screening - London, Great Britain
Montag, 3. April 2006
We had an appointment with some other friends in front of the BAFTA building at 195, Piccadilly. Since our Undergroundline had decided, to ignore our Underground Station for the rest of this day, we had then the pleasure of a light march to the location. I don't know then exactly, who came when or who said what, only that we were told, that due to information on the Napoleonic Fair yesterday, it could be, that nobody of Cast and Crew would come, and that Sean Bean was said to be still in Amerika.... That was then of course the moment, Evi said, that this can't be completely true, because she definitely sees Daragh O'Malley, signing already pictures, only two metres away from us!
"After nine years it was good to reunite the Sharpe team for our Indian shoot.
After filming in Ukraine, Portugal and Turkey, India was an exciting place to make the 2006 Sharpe.
The exotic locations, an excellent local crew, and India's warm welcome,
was something that we will all remember for a very long time."
Producer Muir Sutherland, 2006 - Fundort:
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".. “It’s quite a bizarre feeling bringing him back to life. Picking up a sword again and putting on the green jacket..."
Sean Bean





"Interview - Sean Bean is Richard Sharpe" from: -- rg/12.04.2006