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"...Sharpe's a great character. I think it just came to an end because that was the last war - I think there was talk of doing a feature film or a sort-of one-off, and I'd be open to that because I enjoyed playing Sharpe so much. ... I always keep an open mind regarding Sharpe. I hope I can do something like that again."
Sean Bean in the legendary Internet-Exklusive-Interview with Winona Kent, 2001





"SEAN BEAN: THE INTERVIEW",, Winona Kent, 2001 -- rg/04.02.2006


Sharpes Challenge

Special BAFTA Screening - 03. April 2006 (101 min. = international version)

on British TV, Channel ITV1 - 23./24. April 2006 (2 x 90 min.)

available on DVD from UK/Region 2 /Sprache: Englisch - 1. Mai 2006

Richard Sharpe, Major - Sean Bean
Patrick Harper, Sergeant - Daragh O'Malley




So, know it really came to life! Since a longer time, and how one can see at the above quotation, actually since 2001, there was now and again talk about the wish to perhaps do another Sharpe Film.

The thoughts about that seem to have gone at first in direction of a cinema film, perhaps because it is probably easier to finance a feature film? It is true, that the 14 TV films were very successful in England. But a major part of Filmindustry seem to be financing, and the unsecurity of it, and even success of a film or series seems to be no garanty for further money!

1997, when all world believed to make the last Sharpe-Film, also the actors where glad, to close this chapter at long last. Nearly 5 years of their lifes the persons concerned had spent with this project, often under adventureous conditions. Since the main filming was outside of Great Britain, cast and crew had to accept long times of absence from Home and family under often primitive conditions. And the always tight money was surely not helpful. At the end, apparently the over all tiredness was so great, that everybody was convinced to have done the last Sharpe film ever - and that it was good so.


Sean Bean himself, who hadn't a secure engagement for the time after Sharpe, described later in interviews casually, that yes, there was some "angst" what the future might bring for him. In the meantime, he is firmly established in Hollywood and might laugh about these fears. Compared with his Hollywood-salaries one may assume with some certainty, that the payment for the new Sharpe Film, "Sharpes Challenge" is not just as good

Nevertheless, apparently it was never a question for him, that, would there really be a New Sharpe film, he would be with it.


Sharpes EnemySean Bean as Richard Sharpe in "Sharpes Enemy", ca. 1993

"Sharpes Challenge" plays in India, and that is, in oppostion to the later written but earlier playing "Sharpe in India" books by Bernard Cornwell, appr. 2 years AFTER the events of the last film from 1997: "Sharpes Waterloo". A reason was, without any doubt, that Herr Bean has... well how to say that decently to the reader/ess here, simply grown older.

Now, in my opinion, you do not see that (look also at two pictures on the left). But the India books tell about the beginnings of the soldier Richard Sharpe and - (thank god) he doesn't look like 20, not in the first Sharpe films, and not now.

The major disadvantage is, that the "Chosen Men" are not in this Adventure. My question is: Can it really convey the original Sharpe Feeling when none from the refractory bunch is with it and provides the right feeling of Anarchy and Insubordination??

At least, Sergeant Harper is not missing und the exotic Filmsets in India on the other side let one hope for a full, picture strong Event.

Shooting went from 03. November until Christmas 2005 in India.

The two-part mini series (2 x 90 Min.) will run in British TV at 23. and 24. April 2006.

And the British BAFTA announced on their website a special screening of Sharpes Challenge on Monday, 03. April 2006 in a smaller cinema in London.


...and a Report about my visiting the special screening is here

(More to come!)


vor Sharpes ChallengeSean Bean, already with Sharpe-Hairstyle, ath the Premiere to North Country" in September 2005!!

the official Website with lots of informations and pictures is now online.

more actual informations on the Site of the Sharpe Appreciation Society:


Background picture and Picture 2: Sean Bean at the Premiere of "North Country", mid september 2005, found: Internet

Picture 1: Screencapture fromDVD "Sharpes Enemy", 1993

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