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Sharpes Company


We meet again the Riflemen and Captain Sharpe in front of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz.

From Britain, newly named officers arrive, who take over the command of the South Essex Regiment.

For Sharpe, that means for the time being, that he loses his position and rank. He becomes Quartermaster.

His only chance: The Fortress Badajoz shall be stormed. At the breach, the Forlorn Hope will be the first. The officer who leads this command, will be promoted for sure - if he survives the murderous mission.

When he learns, that his beloved Teresa together with their little daughter is imprisoned in Badajoz, nobody can stop him.

He isn't allowed to lead the Forlorn Hope, but when the soldiers can't take the breach, and their officer falls, Sharpe, together with the Chosen Men takes over the life endangering mission.

And, against all odds, they suceed in storming the breach. Badajoz is conquered by the Britons. Sharpe, who's old enemy Sergeant Hakeswill searches also for Teresa, finds her just in time...



Production 1993, Greatbritain  
Running time app. 102 minutes  
Languages English (Original Language)
German, French, Portuguese
Original Airing TV UK ITV / 25. May 1994  

UK: Format: PAL - Region: 2
Sharpe's Company/Sharpe's Enemy, (2 Discs Set), 2002
Sharpe, The Complete Series (15 Disc Box Set), 2005

USA: Format: NTSC - Region: 1
Sharpe's Company, (1 Disc) 2000
Sharpe's Complete Collection (15 Disc Box Set), 2006

Germany: available, look here


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