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Sharpes Gold



And once again Major Sharpe has the honour to be appointed with a special mission by Wellington.

His task: To bring Baker Rifles in exchange for captured British deserters to the sinister "El Casco", a Partisan leader, who lives in the mountains.

Also playing a role in this episode: Mother and daughter Nugent, two stubborn cousins of Wellington, who search for their missed husband/father in the mountains, and a mysterious aztec treasure!


Running time app. 101 minutes  
Languages English (Original Language)
Original Airing TV UK ITV / 12. April 1995  

UK: Format: PAL - Region: 2
Sharpe's Honour/Sharpe's Gold, (2 Discs Set), 2002
Sharpe, The Complete Series (15 Disc Box Set), 2005

USA: Format: NTSC - Region: 1
Sharpe's Gold, (1 Disc) 2000
Sharpe's Complete Collection (15 Disc Box Set), 2006

Germany: available, look here


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