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Sharpe's Justice



Sharpe goes back to England. In North-England, he is assigned to command the regional Militia. In doing so he becomes involved in the conflict between the oppressed and exploited workers and the propertied class...



Production 1996, Greatbritain  
Running time app. 102 minutes  
Languages English (Original Language)
Original Airing TV UK ITV / 14. May 1997  

UK: Format: PAL - Region: 2
Sharpe's Justice / Sharpe's Waterloo, (2 Discs Set), 2002
Sharpe, The Complete Series (15 Disc Box Set), 2005

USA: Format: NTSC - Region: 1
Sharpe's Justice, (1 Disc) 2001
Sharpe's Complete Collection (15 Disc Box Set), 2006

Germany: available, look here


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