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"Yeah, the director, Tom Clegg, says ‘stand here’, and I’m thinking ‘hang on there’s some bloody semtex about to go off’ and he’ll say ‘you’ll be alright’. It’s not even tested, you don’t rehearse it...We’ve always been like that on Sharpe, just chuck ourselves in. Daragh O'Malley (who plays Patrick Harper) will always say to me before we start filming a stunt ‘God Bless’ and I’ll say ‘you too’..."
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Sharpe's Peril


in England on TV:
1. Part: Sunday, 2. November 2008/21:00 h - ITV1
2. Part: Sunday, 9. November 2008/21:00 h - ITV1
closely followed by the DVD: 10. November 2008!
(Can be pre-ordered for example at

England, 4. November 2008

So, the first part did run, and first reactions are good. People think, that Peril is more to the Sharpe line, that it is a "...cracking story..." and "...the locations are stunning..." (Anne).

Chris from the "Sharpe Appreciation Society" writes:

"Sean Bean has brought something extra to the character of Sharpe this time around, he seemed a more mature and thoughtful character, probably something to do with age and all those women I think! Richard Sharpe, I mean, not Sean!

Daragh O'Malley as Harper is wonderful as always, who could conceive of a Sharpe film without him, I could't bear the thought! I always think he's a very underestimated actor, and would love to see more of Daragh on screen. He has a great sensitivity for Pat Harper's character and the Irish humour shines through...."

find Chris' full report here:

Adam from the 95th Rifles Re-enactors, who joined the Film-team for one week in India and became for a week Richard Rutherford Moores (aka: Rifleman Moore) armourer assistant has now, as promised, uploaded his report - together with about 50 photos, who illustrate in a great way how it all was!

go to: and follow the links.

"Rifleman Moores" report is already online on the official website: (pdf-file)

A special Danke to these two, who so kindly provided/provide us with first class background informations.

new background-picture and picture on the left: from Adam, used with friendly permission)



England, 24. Oktober 2008

...hmmmm. Here is something coming...I feel it in the air... I see it in the water... I hear it in the wind...

Ah. YES. The premiere screening of "Sharpe's Peril" happened this Wednesday, 22.10.08, at the BAFTA-Building, Piccadilly, London. This was a special occasion for cast and crew only, and sadly so, not open for the public. This means: no eye witness report this time, but, thanks to Adam from the 95th Rifles reenactors - - who was part of the cast, here are a few impressions of the event :-)


    Adam, can we use these fotos? - Adam: "...Of course... just mention - the only re-enactment regiment associated with 'Sharpe Film'..."

    Lynn (Chief Executive and Treasurer of the 95th Rifles): "...I have been told ... that the Riflemen who attended (Chris Shaw, Tony Wilks, Steve Day, Dodge and Daniel Smith) did a magnificent job and were congratulated for their contribution to the evening by those involved with the film - both cast and crew. - but we would expect nothing less from 'The 95th'..."

Adam: "...Sean Bean and me representing the Armoury...."

Daragh O'Malley arrives, proudly protected from the 95th Rifles....

 Adam: "...Sean and his wife Georgina were really sociable..."









Oooooh - Simmerson - how does he do it? Always coming back - and a beautiful lady in his arms! :-)

Sharpe's Peril is screened on English Televison, ITV1, Part One: Sunday, 2. November 2008, 21:00 h, and Part Two: Sunday, 9. November 2008, 21:00 h. Not to be missed - or, to give Adam the last word: "...The screening was brilliant.... you won't be dissapointed..."



Sean Bean and Adam from the, April 2008, India
Photo: by Adam, used with his friendly permisson



England, 10. Oktober 2008

...and finally, he arrives in England! :-) "Sharpe's Peril" will be aired on English TV - ITV 1 as a twoparter: 1. Part: Sunday, 2. November 2008, 2. Part: Sunday, 9. November 2008, closely followed by the DVD: 10. November 2008! (Can be pre-ordered for example at

And a trailer is now also online - thankfully available for everyone!! - A good day for us Not-British people :-)

Links: Trailer at Facebook - Trailer at YouTube

Also, Adam from the "95th Rifles Reenactors" was busy in the background - He says, he as really a lot to fotos, and he and Armourer Richard Rutherford-Moore will post reports and pictures, as soon, as Sharpe's Peril has aired!

Also, we have to thank Adam for let us know the Airing Dates - and the Links to the trailers :-)

It might be worth it to watch this space :-). forum!




India/England, 5. April 2008

And here it is. Since the start of the film work at the 3. March 2008, we waited patiently for this - the first picture, fotografed on the Film-Set of "Sharpe's Peril" , that made it into the width of the www!

We have to thank Adam from the 95th Rifles Re-enactors for it. Oh, and if you want, you can join them, they are recruiting. Vielen Dank Adam :-) He had joined the crew in India for about a week, and brought back this lovely picture, that shows him together with Sean Bean. And he says, he has more pictures from the set, that he will publish at some point...

And don't miss his and Richard Moores fantastic reports from India in the forum!

Sharpe: New for 2008

Sharpe is returning. Sean Bean stars in a new adventure this year. Sharpe’s Peril takes up where Sharpe’s Challenge left off.

Sharpe and Harper are on their way to Madras, when they come upon an East India Company baggage train. The party travels warily through enemy territory. Its leaders fear Chitu, the legendary bandit leader who controls the area.

When the attack happens, Sharpe has to take over and lead the party 300 miles through enemy territory, training the ill-assorted rabble to be proper soldiers. Amid the bloodshed and violence, there is also romance in the air for Sharpe.

The drama was last on ITV1 in 2006 with two feature length episodes of Sharpe’s Challenge. It was seen by more than seven million viewers

found at:, Friday, 25. January 2008


...Ah, we didn't think, this day would come - after all the infos that did fly around on different boards in the autumn of 2007. It seemed then, that due to financal reasons Picture Palace and Celtic Films wouldn't - or couldn't do another Sharpe Adventure. Much to the chagrin of fans worldwide.


Hey, and at the same time Sharpe came out on DVD in Germany, the whole original series in a nicely done limited edition - which was sold out within 10 days (!) Signs? Signs... I think, Sharpe is becoming - or is already being - Cult.



And we can need heroes like him - unconventional, always endangered in his rank, and life. In every episode opposed by a formidable enemy - and a beautiful woman never far away. And not to forget the "Chosen Men". The unit of Sharpshooters that so sadly diminish from episode to episode.

Good, that at least Sgt Harper survives all the perils, the writers invented for the Riflemen.

Now we are again in India, where also Sharpe's Challenge played.

I really liked in Sharpe's Challenge: Simmerson, the exotic surroundings, Daragh O'Malley as Harper, the cliffhanger in the middle of it and Toby Stephens in the role of Col William Dodd, an enemy par excellence for Sharpe and Harper, a former British soldier with a sharp intelligence and cold ruthlessness, who like Sharpe in the early episodes, despairs of the restrictions in a class system that won't give him a chance.


What I also liked were the little hints regarding getting older... Hell we all do... and isn't it good to see, that the old foxes know still all the tricks - and a few new ones?

I can live with this Sharpe, who is definitely not anymore in his 30s, and it wouldn't matter for me at all, if Sharpe would still march when he is 60 - as long as the filmmakers allow him to grow older with some decency.

One of the strongest points of the whole Sharpe Saga is it's authenticity. As long as the new episode handles that with care, why shouldn't it work now and also in the future?


The whole babyboomer generation, my generation, is now of Sharpes or actors Sean Beans and Daragh O'Malleys age. And no - I don't think we want "John Rambo" or "Rocky VIII" (or was it "IX"?), characters who can't go on in time and seem to be imprisoned forever in their high time from years and years past. It's nice to have a glorious past, but now is the present and it's good to be here, and it's even better to have a future.

There is also something deeply satisfying in watching the older triumphing over the younger - outwitting and overwhelming him with exactly the advantages a few more years in life will give.


Apart from that and coming back to Sharpe's Challenge, I found there only two things missing:

1) Where, please, was Sharpe's romance? Come on! Two beautiful women and only one nearly chaste kiss?? No, no, that is not believeable - or are we now even in Sharpe becoming so p.c., that he can't have a juicy love affair anymore? No, no, that will not do...

2) There remains in the end this one sorrow: Where are they, our Chosen Men? Tongue, Cooper, Perkins, Hagman and Harris, I must say it, we do miss you. Not only your highly individualistic, battered figures but also the perfect balance you gave to Sharpe. Fighting against his enemies, a rigid class system and his fate, Sharpe had on the other side his comrades, like him from the rank. He was their officer, yes, but it was always clear from the start, that their leader he was due to their mutual consence. And that gave Sharpe in the end this last edge that made his character unforgetable. And it's absence is perhaps what is felt in Sharpe's Challenge as making him a little bit tamer and less colourful than in the original series.

  ...And when in the end all is said and done, apart from all good and bad points, there remains actor Sean Bean with his amazing ability of becoming the character he is playing, and never more so than in Sharpe. So, may he live long and may he come out of all Perils, this is to him : hip hip hurrah - hip hip hurrah - and hip hip hurrah.


more actual informations on the Site of the Sharpe Appreciation Society:


Background picture official PR-foto"Sharpes Challenge", 2006, from website and


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