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1803 - Britain declares War on France  

1804 - Napoleon crowns himself as Emperor


1805 - Napoleon developes a scheme to conquer Greatbritain.

Sea Battle of Trafalgar, the British Admiral Nelson defeats the French-Spanish Armada.

That destroys Napoleons schemes for an Invasion of England.




Battle of Austerlitz ("Battle of the Three Emperors")
Napoleon wins against the armies of the Austrians and Russians.


1806 - Negotiations between England and France.
The Negotiatons fail because of an intervention of Prussia.



Prince-Elector Maximilian of Bavaria is one of Napoleons staunchest allies. Bavaria is elevated to a kingdom.

Battle of Jena and Auerstedt - The French defeat the Prussian Army annihilatingly. Napoleon marshes into Berlin.

Start of the "Continental System" against Greatbritain.


1807 - Napoleon wants to annex Portugal and Spain. French Troups enter Lisbon. In Spain King Charles IV fights against his son Ferdinand. Charles abdicates.



Armistice between France and Russia.
Treaties of Tilsit, Prussia loses half its territory.


1808 - The french-hostile Ferdinand becomes King in Spain. Napoleon fears the secession of his former ally. He forces Ferdinand to abdicate and proclaims his brother Joseph Bonaparte as King of Spain.

The French troups, who requisition without payment provisions and commit numerous atrocities, incur the hate of the spanish paysants. The first "Guerilla"-War of the newer history begins.

Wellesley, the subsequent Duke of Wellington, lands with a British army in Portugal and defeats the French, led by Marechal Junot at Rolica und Vimeiro. Wellesley is ordered back to England and Sir John Moore takes over the British troups in Portugal/Spain and meets Napoleon at the head of a vast army. Moore retreats to Portugal, where he finally meets Napoleon at the battle of La Coruna. Moore is killed in action.Wellesley is ordered back to the Iberian Peninsula as Commander-in-chief.

In the meantime, Napoleon has left Spain.


1809 - Spain is still occupied by French troups led by the Marechals Soult and Victor. The English operate from Portugal. Wellesley sees to it, that all things needed by his army are duly bought and paid.

1809 sees some Battles with Wellesley at the head of the British Troups, he finally triumphs over the French at Talavera.

Nevertheless, Wellesley has to acknowledge the supremacy of the French forces and retreats to Portugal. Here, he starts building the Lines of Torres Vedras, to protect Portugal from an invasion of the French.



Battles of Aspern and Wagram in Austria, again Napoleon is victorious. Treaty of Schönbrunn.

Napoleon seeks a divorce from his wife Joséphine.


Sharpes Rifles


The ordinary soldier Richard Sharpe is doing his duty as Sergeant with the "95th Rifles" The "Riflemen" or "Sharpshooters" are a sort of elitist troup, equiped with the progressive Rifles. Rifles have a rifled barrel, that clearly improves the accuracy of a shot.

Sharpe saves the life of the officer Wellesley (the future Duke of Wellington) and due to this Wellesley gets him a promotion to Lieutenant. Unheard- of at a time, when more or less only noblemen could become officers!

The newly made officer has problems coming to terms with his new position and is also not accepted by his subordinates.

Only when meeting the (female) Guerilla leader "Commandante Teresa" during a special mission under his command, he and his Men learn to fight together (and not against each other)

From now on, he and the small troup of Riflemen, the "Chosen Men" will go through their adventures together.

Production 1992, Greatbritain  
Running time app. 101 minutes  
Languages English (Original Language)
German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Yiddish
Original Airing TV UK ITV / 5. May 1993  

UK: Format: PAL - Region: 2
Sharpe's Rifles/Sharpe's Eagle, (2 Discs Set), 2002
Sharpe, The Complete Series (15 Disc Box Set), 2005

USA: Format: NTSC - Region: 1
Sharpe's Rifles, (1 Disc) 2000
Sharpe's Rifles - Collection Set (5 Discs), 2005
Sharpe's Complete Collection (15 Disc Box Set), 2006

Germany: available, look here


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