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The long rest before the final walk gives the opportunity to talk with this or that person, take photos and also think of a few special motives for this website.
Hugh Fraser, Jason Salkey and Lyndon Davis have joined the walk for this last part. Seeing the old campaigners of many Sharpe films together is somehow moving.
It looks also like the "Major" himself might have come, but unfortunately Sean Bean is away in Venice - filming for the new US-series "Missing".

Not only left the shadows of the Web World today - this is Donna from You can read her touching open letter here at

Donna, I think, has just realised that this is Lyndon Davis - aka "Perkins" hiding behind the tree... :-)

"The Rucksack, the Duke and the Vivandière"
Old Campaigners...

Lyndon Davis with Anne

.... Anne: ...we waited for the opportune moment to walk into the BBC grounds at Caversham to coincide with a live gardening programme, yes gardening, which seemed happy to report on our arrival.  

Adam Paylor, leading officer and brave hearted organisator of Sharpe's March, in a well known green uniform, uses the time to make himself representable again..

yes... nearly done... .

    ...everything were it should be?... yes, all is fine! He doesn't seem the least exhausted - despite walking since 3 days. I saw him also photographing during the march today, and constantly coming back from the head of the column to check with the Sergeant (?) who secured the rear... Ah, to be 25 again :-)  

Meanwhile, his men seem to be diverted by something...



"Come...Commmme to my colour..."  

Finally, I can't hide anymore - the desire becomes too strong! Please, come and have a look - this is the Bavarian flag.

And it must be possible... It' can't be that I do without them! Having marched now all the day behind the foreign forces from Britain and France, having longingly seen the proud colours above their heads - the British one, the Eagle of the French one - and the green one from the 95th Rifles!

(And why do you think I wear that dress?) Now COME with yours!

"Have you heard? One of the camp followers asks for our colours...    

"...NO... and when they flog me!"

"??? L'Aigle? faudra me passer sur le corps!"

" be photographed with it"

...with the French Eagle - mercy Monsieur!
...with the British one - thank you Sir
...and finally with the Green one from the 95th Rifles - Dankeschön

And now lets go - the piper has arrived and we will march to our final destination through Caversham...


Anne: Cold drinks, toilets at last, a certificate ceremony and a few words from Daragh, and it was all over. Adam Paylor and his family did a marvellous job arranging it all and organising traffic diversions and road openings and campsites etc. I think they are still digesting whether they would do it again. They learned a lot on the job so I think they may do it differently next time. ... I would happily do it again. It was quite simply a cracking good walk for an excellent charity.

I was quite surprised at myself at how much of a buzz I got from marching through Caversham with a piper at the front and the cavalry snapping our heels behind. We caused a mini stir and several people kept up with us along the way, hurrying alongside on the pavement....

    Evi: After we had received our certificates and a round of applause (the little dog that ran all the way with us, received the most of all civilian participants), an official photo was taken with flags, officers and the Chosen Men, and then Jason Salkey got hold of me, kissed me and told me with a broad smile: “That’s my favourite part: Kissing the women!”

Who would have thought that I would ever walk with the 95th Rifles? I didn't know that I would enjoy this day so much - a great way to spend a Sunday, in fact. Beautiful England at its best, great funny talks, a new insight into historical backgrounds, saying hallo to Daragh and Jason who I had met before and helping at the same time raising donations for "Sharpe's Children"! I find there is nothing wrong with that.

Oh, I had this sudden vision: Wouldn't a green apron and scarf be very nice with my black dress? For next year at Sharpe's March?

    Anne: I am keeping my fingers crossed that Sharpe and Harper will march (again) in the English countryside next year. :-))  

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      This report was compiled by your humble webmistresses rg & EFi and Anne, our friend from England, who kindly contributed.

last group-photo: Evi
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